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Quote Request

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We are happy to handle your request also without a form. Therefore, please name us the wished amount of t-shirts (=/> 100) and colour (red, black or white). Within the total amount you can mix the colours as you wish. For custom printing please send us a preview of your designs as GIF or JPEG files via e-mail to info(ett)dna-merch.de. Or you send us your idea and let us know how many colours the print design should have. This way we can give you a precise as possible quote even if your design is not finalised yet.

We can realise designs with up to 8 separated colours for you in screen printing. The print data must be edited according to the wished print size and its resolution should have a minimum of 300 dpi. Designs with more than one colour should be separated per colour with one layer in black and white since we need this to prepare the screens. The following are our preferred file formats: EPS, PDF, PSD. If the technical requirements do cause you trouble, simply send us your draft and we’ll check it for you.