Size Charts & Care Instructions

Since t-shirts are handwork there may be small deviations from the following size charts. Such deviations are customary and can amount to approximately +/- 5%. Furthermore, there may be deviations in colour.

Size Charts & Care Instructions
Size Charts & Care Instructions

Width = Measured 2 cm beneath the sleeves across the shirt
Length = Measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom end of the shirt

Important: Pure cotton t-shirts may shrink up to 5% both in width and length. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right size, we made our models wear t-shirts that were already washed once.

Alessia has 1,72 m and wears a fitted S.

Fatih has 1,72 m and wears a unisex S.

Kai has 1,70 m and wears a unisex M.

Marina has 1,62 m and wears a fitted XS.

Regina has 1,64 m & wears a fitted 2XL.

Tompa has 2,04 m & wears a unisex 3XL.

Anne has 1,74 m and wears a unisex M.

Jenia has 1,65 m and wears a fitted S.

Marie has 1,86 m and wears a fitted M.

Mia has 1,65 m and wears a fitted M.

Renata has 1,52 m and wears a fitted S.

Vale has 1,88 m and wears a unisex L.

Size Charts & Care Instructions

Our t-shirts are made from 100 percent organic cotton and are printed with water-based colours. We want your dna merch t-shirt to last you and that it’s not ruined after one or two washes. For this reason we have put together a few tips on how to best wash and take care of your new t-shirt.

Size Charts & Care Instructions

Turn your t-shirts inside out before you wash
This protects the print and makes it last much longer.

Wash your t-shirts at max. 30° C or even better cold
There’s absolutely no reason to wash your t-shirt with hot water. Not unless you’re running a professional laundry in a hospital full of viruses and bacteria. Cold water will get your t-shirts clean just as much as hot water does. But it’s much gentler on the fabric and also saves a lot of energy.

Hang your t-shirts to dry
The worst enemy of printed garments is most likely high heat. If you want to use the dryer anyway please make sure you remove your t-shirts from the dryer before they are completely dry and hang them up or lay them out to finish drying.

Iron your t-shirts lukewarm
Too hot ironing also helps to ruin your new favourite t-shirt. And please: Never iron the printed area!

Never bleach or dry-clean your t-shirt
Just like using hot water it goes with using harsh cleaning products on your t-shirts. Instead, use a stain remover for spots.

Wash your t-shirts together with similar clothes
Last tip from the dna merch laundry department: Wash your t-shirts with clothes that not only have a similar colour but also a similar texture. For example, washing your t-shirt together with towels is nearly as pleasant for the t-shirt as rubbing a piece of sandpaper on your skin.