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    dna merch Wundrak & Zelmer GbR

    c/o Anton Wundrak
    Richardstraße 60
    D-12055 Berlin

    +49 177 964 37 32

    VAT ID No.: DE 301 774 845

     Fair and coop-made

     Recommended by trade unionists

     Produced in Europe


    More than one of you asked us … here are the answers!

    Yes and yes 🙂 We value your support and offer free shipping for orders surpassing a certain amount. The respective threshold depends on the country of delivery. Please check here for more details.

    Shipping costs depend on the number of items ordered and the country of delivery. You can easily check the shipping costs for your destination by entering your address in the “Shopping Cart” page. Please note: We value your support and offer free shipping for orders surpassing a certain amount. The respective threshold depends on the country of delivery. Click here to learn about your free shipping amount.

    Our shop is prosumption only! This means that in order to not waste resources and to not produce things nobody needs or wants, all our items are produced on demand especially for you. Estimated delivery times are always specified in the respective product description. Please read carefully before placing your order. Please check here for more details.

    Unfortunately, since we only produce on a pre-order basis for sustainability reasons, we cannot exchange sizes that were ordered too small or too large. However, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right size. That’s what our product gallery as well as our product information and size charts pages are for. Please take your time checking all the available information there before ordering. Of course, your right of withdrawal remains unaffected by this, and faulty goods that have not yet been worn will be refunded immediately after return and inspection.

    WEC stands for Worker Empowerment Contribution and refers to the fixed percentage point that is priced into every textile we produce to support garment workers in South Asia in their union struggles for better working and living conditions.

    Trade union work on the ground, be it here in Europe or in South Asia, is so important because it enables the workers themselves to improve their working and living conditions. In Bangalore in South India, for example, half a million people work in the export-oriented garment industry. Most of them are women from rural areas with low levels of education.

    The grassroots Garment and Textile Workers Union (GATWU), which currently has about 7,000 members, is trying to organise these women and negotiate and enforce collective agreements in the factories. At the moment, the GATWU has just four full-time local activists to educate the workers about their rights! Organising is difficult, as trade union involvement is not welcomed by the management and active women workers are often discriminated against and dismissed under false pretences. In addition, the factories are scattered across the city and are increasingly moving to the surrounding areas. GATWU’s strategy is therefore to organise those factories that produce for big western companies like H&M, Zara and GAP.

    This is where the work of the ExChains network comes into play again. Through contact with their active colleagues from the European fashion retail sector, pressure can be exerted on the companies from both ends of the value chain.

    Well, we think dna merch is a cool and catchy name and we have three associations with it. Firstly, there is our slogan “made with dignity, worn with attitude”, where the “d” stands for dignity, the “n” for and and the “a” for attitude! Then the “dna” also stands for our approach of trying to make our production chain as transparent as possible. We want to reveal the core information or the DNA of our textiles, so to speak. And then there is the allusion to our names Doreen and Anton.

    People’s shopping behaviour is changing. Slowly, but steadily. We can say that some people are now more sensitive to the question of where their clothes are produced and under what conditions. That is definitely a good development! However, we contest that it is the individual, in its role as a consumer, who can change things at a larger scale. More collective action is needed! What is often overlooked in the whole fair trade debate is the political dimension of how our workplaces are actually organised. Isn’t it a kind of a collective schizophrenia to say we are living in a democracy while the majority of us has no say whatsoever when it comes to their work lives? In capitalism, in order to gain that say and improve our working conditions, be it as a worker here in Europe or in South Asia, we need strong and independent unions that enable us to act collectively and break our isolation; and ideally many more genuinely democratic workplaces, such as our self-managed partner cooperative, will be established along the way. With dna merch, we want to contribute to raising and expanding the awareness needed for that.


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