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Our Community

In 2015 we convinced various bands and artists from all over the place to join our crowdfunding campaign and help us getting started. Back then, we did not know where our idea to support worker empowerment and worker self-management through establishing a fair merch alternative would lead us.

Today, however, after having worked with a wide range of people and organisations who embraced our unique and – let’s be honest – more expensive approach, we can look back with gratitude for the trust all of them have given us. Are you next in joining us?

What Others Say about Us

I think the hoodies are mega nice!!! MANY THANKS TO YOU! We already got some compliments on them!

Vivian Appel
ver.di Youth Hamburg

The bags and t-shirts were very well received. Thank you very much 🙂 By the way, there was also a big round of applause for your project.

Julia Groher
IG Metall Youth Coast

Together against racism - together for international solidarity! This has been one of the guiding principles of our IG Metall for almost 125 years. The Refugees Welcome T-shirt brings these two demands together.

IG Metall Youth

dna merch have been supporting us since 2015. We think the approach of self-empowerment and self-organisation instead of charity is great and unites us!

Heiner Köhnen
ExChains network

We had team shirts produced for our company. The support during preparation is really great. The merchandise? Great stuff! Really high quality and we are so happy to have found a supplier that produces sustainably and acts socially. And always great with sustainable goods: no stench during unboxing :). On top of that, everything went even faster than planned. THANK YOU!

Melanie Mahler-Pioch
HOLOEYE Photonics AG

Show solidarity with the people who sew our shirts that say "Solidarity"! Support the workers & trade unions! Trade your wealth for honour!

Music band

Officially endorsed by Charlie Harper himself, the U.K. Subs are now a part of a fantastic new working class t-shirt project!

U.K. Subs Time & Matter
Music band

As a musician, it is important to me that the people who produce my band t-shirts have good working and living conditions.


It is very important to us to make shirts that are produced fairly in every step of the process. The fact that dna merch has also given us the opportunity to work with a collective from Croatia's left-wing punk scene fits like a glove!

Music band

We enjoyed working with dna merch, not least because of the cool artwork and because a number of friendly bands like The Baboon Show from Sweden or What We Feel from Russia were also involved. Cool that so many people supported the cause in the end!

Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Music band

Damn, your t-shirt has the absolutely perfect fit, really cool 🙂

Lukas Böhm

The shirt fits perfectly and has a great quality. I am totally convinced.

Maika Schäfer

Years ago you produced a t-shirt for the taz - it still fits well and the quality is right - and the content anyway.

Wolfgang Lederer-Kanawin

I am really ultra satisfied! The fabric is totally great!

Lukas Miller

It's really the most beautiful and highest quality band shirt I own - I'm really excited about it and it was definitely worth the money!

Juliana Böhm

Past Projects

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wch hardcover

Working Class History T-Shirt of the Month Project

When we got our copy of the book ‘Everyday Acts of Resistance & Rebellion’, it inspired us to propose a cooperation to the editors at Working Class History. What if there would be a special t-shirt design each month inspired by a story from WCH’s archive?

True to dna merch’s spirit of solidarity and support between small, independent and worker-run units, this project has now been up and running since November 2021. It links international artists, tattooists, graphic designers with grassroots labour unions in South Asia, a worker-owned textiles cooperative in Croatia, and supportative individuals (aka buyers) from all over the world. What’s more, it connects our collective history of past struggles with the present and is something we are really passionate about!

Please take a moment and check out the current T-Shirt of the Month and if you ever feel like contributing a future design please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tattoo Art T-Shirt of the Month Project

The Tattoo Art T-Shirt of the Month is a cooperation between us and the non-profit tattoo art association based in Münster. The Tätowierkunstverein is committed to the recognition and establishment of tattooing as a form of art. One would think that this is clear, but unfortunately tattoo artists are currently severely disadvantaged. In Germany, for example, they are denied access to the Künstlersozialkasse, a social health and pension fund for freelance artists, publicists and art teachers.

The collaboration between dna merch and the Tätowierkunstverein aims at increasing the public perception and visibility of tattoo artists as actual artists. How? Through the monthly promotion of a new exclusive t-shirt design, created by members of the association from Germany as well as its worldwide supporters.

Cooperation instead of Competition

useless pride team

After briefly being in touch in 2019, Southern France based record label and merch printing company Useless Pride contacted us in 2022 again. They were interested in adding our basics to their catalogue as an alternative to the ones from big ‘fair fashion’ brands such as Continental Clothing or Stanley & Stella. Of course, we were interested too and we agreed on a joint action plan. It prides us that Useless Pride are now working towards the goal of offering our basics in all the print on demand web shops they manage for international bands and artists. This is what Olivier from Useless Pride says about our cooperation:

“The common thing we have with dna merch is that we come approximately from the same culture, which is more ethic. Our way of working can’t be selling millions of pieces, our way of working would be to have 500 little companies doing the same job as us than 1 big with 500 millions euros sales per year. You can’t run a big company like this and stay with the basic ethic.”

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